About Moodmet

Moodmet is a space where you can share how you feel at any particular moment, in any place on earth. We call this a mood-vote.

The states of mood available are very simple: "good" or "bad". It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

You can freely and anonymously participate out of curiosity, joy of sharing, or to make a statement about current events or the place in which you are standing.

How does it work?

When you visit Moodmet, we identify you using a cookie. We assign you a number to be able to recognize you when you come back.

Then we try to find your geographical location using HTML5 Geolocation. Your browser might ask you for permission to share your location.

This method is available only in modern browsers. If it is not available, we use an approximation based on your IP address. This can be very inaccurate if you are using a mobile device.

When you submit your mood-vote, we store your mood and your location. Almost immediately, it will show in the map, averaged with near mood-votes.

From there forth, each time you submit a mood-vote, we update your mood and location in the map.

The map shows an overlay of small colored squares. Each one of them covers an area on the map, and its color represents the average mood of its enclosed mood-votes. There are 5 colors, from red (for "bad") to green (for "good").

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Is it available as an App?

Moodmet is a web app. This means it is accessible just the same as a regular website, by using a web browser.

On iPhone/iPad we recommend adding Moodmet to your home screen, and it will behave very much like an app. For instance, it will use the whole screen area.

If you use Google Chrome, you can install Moodmet as an app through the Chrome web store.

Contact / Impressum

Carlos Palol
Meerfeldstr. 86
68163 Mannheim

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VAT ID: DE281462137